Participación local

When you understand the data, you understand the land.

Transform exploration and sample drilling information into actionable intelligence. By analyzing data within a geographic context, you will more easily identify new opportunities. Support decision making with consistent, systematic, and rigorous evaluation procedures. Share evaluation results with team members to make quality decisions.

"We can take the new geologic maps and apply existing data to them. This gives us new ways to interpret existing data."

Buster Hunsaker, Founder, Hunsaker Inc., Early Stage Gold Exploration



Respond intelligently to community concerns. Manage diverse mining data via a common platform. Provide a solid information framework for stakeholders.


Maps give you an intuitive method to bridge the data gap between operations and economics.


Ensure effective collaboration with stakeholders and nearby communities. Solicit buy-in from neighbors and the local workforce.


ArcGIS for Desktop

Present a compelling vision that solicits community engagement and collaboration. ArcGIS for Desktop helps you design maps that provide a visually stimulating plan for the future. Perform analyses that answer even the most challenging questions and concerns from the local community.

ArcGIS Online

Online GIS services will make your plans more understandable. Improve transparency by publishing in ArcGIS Online. Invite shareholders and interested parties to see your data in context with other authoritative information. Provide context and understanding to create collaborative and supportive community partnerships. Create story maps that easily convey your plans.

Portal for ArcGIS

An ArcGIS for Server extension, Portal for ArcGIS is a map centric content management system. Show the public relevant information while controlling and protecting sensitive information. Quickly access data to build maps for presentations and web or print publications.

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