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Imágenes 3D

See the world in every dimension

Don’t limit the dimensions of your work. Get better insights at every scale, from an entire nation to individual buildings with intelligent 3D imagery. The Esri platform allows you to replicate environments and automatically update your data so you can spend more time performing priority analytics. You can also fuse all types of data, including lidar, full-motion video and real-time sensors, to get a complete decision-making picture.

"Managing and creating spatial analytics from three-dimensional data requires software that can accurately manage, represent, and analyze its feature information. We found that ArcGIS provided the platform needed to ensure the data is ready."

James Weakland GISP, GIS Analyst, DGGS


Streamline the creation of 3D data for large geographic areas including national mapping, city mapping, and facilities.
Easily see your data from a different perspective. Add 3D to your maps without changing established processes or technology.
Deliver 3D data throughout your organization, anytime, anywhere. Make imagery-enriched data as mobile as you need it to be.


Esri CityEngine

Improve urban planning, architecture, and design with 3D visualization tools. Analyze the relationship between new and existing projects. Assess the feasibility of proposed projects and plan its construction. Make redevelopment decisions that can benefit your community for decades.

ArcGIS for Desktop

Build mapping solutions, manage assets, allocate resources, and measure results for regional and national land use initiatives. Share data with governmental agencies and public action groups to facilitate dialogue for local and regional issues.

ArcGIS 3D Analyst

3D analytic tools can help you determine the contour, slope, or elevation of a region for development or redevelopment purposes. Subsurface modeling allows the analysis of geologic composition for natural resource exploitation.

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