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National Statistical Organizations (NSOs) need to provide authoritative, trustworthy data about a nation’s population. Geography is at the heart of this information. From planning and collection to analysis and dissemination, location plays a critical role. There is an increasing demand for location-based information about places, people, human activity, business, economic growth, and health. Esri GIS allows you to recognize and understand socio economic information by linking it to location.



Streamline data collection. Strategically deploy field staff, ensure the accuracy of data, and efficiently deliver it to stakeholders and citizens.

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Location helps make data easier to understand. Ensure data accuracy and visualize, model, and understand spatial relationships.

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Tell a good story. Connect more people with the information they need to make better decisions.

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ArcGIS Platform

Create and manage data, conduct analysis, and share findings. With ArcGIS you’ll improve operations, collaboration, and citizen engagement. ArcGIS as a platform provides open geospatial capabilities to any user and allows access by any application on any device anywhere, anytime.

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ArcGIS Online

Maps are a central part of any NSO workflow - from planning to collection to dissemination. By using dynamic web maps, you can discover, consume, create, and share geospatial content, maps, and data within groups and across divisions. You can also use dynamic web maps to share these resources with other organizations and the public.

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ArcGIS for Desktop

Compile, use, and manage geographic information. From data compilation to mapping, analysis, and geo data and image management, no tool works better. Use ArcGIS for Desktop to publish and share geographic information with others in your organization. Author and analyze data to examine relationships. Create enumeration districts. Test predictions. And ultimately make better, faster decisions.

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