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Enhance operational readiness and achieve shared situational awareness.

Your activities require accurate maps and mission information. Esri’s geospatial technology provides a platform that allows you to fuse disparate data for location-based analysis and collaborate with mission partners. You can apply maps and analysis to many areas of operational readiness including logistics, personnel, health, special investigations, and training. Change the way you accomplish your mission with geospatial technology.

" The National Guard has applied geospatial technology in areas including environment, training, facilities management, and counter-drug operations for more than a decade. "

Chris Diller, civilian geospatial coordinator for Wisconsin's Department of Military Affairs



Use the power of a geographic approach to plan routes and schedules, track assets, and implement fuel-saving measures that reduce carbon emissions.

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Save time and effort by using geospatial technology to collect information for reports and other mission-critical material.

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ArcGIS for Desktop

The foundational platform for Esri’s geospatial solutions for the military, ArcGIS for Desktop provides the core technology to collect, process, exploit and share information necessary for a variety of activities and missions. The platform also supports Esri’s software solutions developed for military and intelligence activities.

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ArcGIS for Emergency Management

Create maps and related services to facilitate the visualization and analysis of disaster areas to mitigate damage and speed recovery. ArcGIS for Emergency Management provides templates for common emergency workflows so that reports and intelligence feeds can be easily included in the situational analysis for rapid decision-making.

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ArcGIS for Intelligence

Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating accurate, actionable information in a timely manner can make the difference between success and failure for your mission. With ArcGIS for Intelligence, you can manage source information and streamline workflows using templates to fuse intelligence reports and other intel feeds to visualize potential threats and maintain situational awareness.

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